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Stepping in when a loved one is struggling with addiction is one of the hardest decisions a family member can make. Thankfully, you don’t have to face this challenge alone. By contacting an addition treatment center, you can speak with their admission team to figure out what the next steps are. If you don’t know how to find an addiction treatment center new you, we recommend you visit:

Why Addiction Treatment Services?

At Addiction Treatment Services, our mission is to assist families in getting help for their addicted loved ones. We do not offer addiction treatment and do not own any addiction treatment facilities. Our goal is to help provide you with helpful information so you know where to go.

How We Can Help

At Addiction Treatment Services, we recognize the importance of finding an addiction treatment facility that meets your loved one’s specific recovery needs.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Rehab Center

Here are a few questions that you or your loved one may want to ask about the rehab centers that you are considering. It’s important to have all of your questions answered before making your final decision.

Is this rehab facility accredited?

The answer should always be yes. We always recommend rehab centers that adhere to the highest standards of patient care.

Does this rehab facility accept my insurance?

It is always a good sign when treatment facilities accept major insurances. However, don’t let your insurance plan limit your search.

Which staff members develop the treatment plan?

Members of the medical staff should always be the ones to develop a patient’s treatment plan. Moreover, treatment should almost always begin with medical detox.

What is the ratio of qualified medical staff to patients?

This is important to know. If a facility has significantly more patients than staff, then your loved one will likely not get the help and attention needed for a successful recovery. The ideal staff-to-patient ratio should be something close to 1:3. Moreover, there should always be a team of medical professionals on-site in case of emergencies.

What kinds of care does this rehab facility offer to patients?

The best rehab facilities are the ones that offer all levels of care: medical detox, inpatient or residential treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient services, standard outpatient services, and aftercare. Centers that also offer intervention services are a plus.

What kinds of therapy does this facility offer during treatment?

Therapy is a vital part of the recovery process. Some patients favor individual therapy, while others prefer a group setting with their peers in recovery. Most treatment facilities offer both.